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About Tanya

I work with people who give a ****! and want to make positive change in their sector. I work with people who are often feeling frustrated and that there has to be another way… seeking positive change, feeling that there is more to their story!

I have 25 years of career experience working in both the Creative Industries and Education. Which means I have worked in and with both very small, fast-moving, independent, entrepreneurial businesses as well as very large, slow-moving, highly regulated and structured public sector organisations.

I have worked in small teams, as part of less conventional collective leadership groups and in more conventional hierarchical structures with responsibility for teams of up to 25 reports. I have thousands of hours of coaching, teaching and training experience – from working with disengaged young adults, early career and training teachers and teams of colleagues including management and leadership teams (also sometimes disengaged!). To read a little more of my story check my website’s page here.

When I’m asked what I do, I sometimes say ‘I facilitate change’, but sometimes I paraphrase a coachee of mine and say, “I help people get shit done”.

I am both an Animas trained Transformational coach and an NLP practitioner  (I promise to check in with you if I’m thinking about some mind control!).

“I had such a positive experience being coached by Tanya. I sought her help both on a personal level as well as hoping to develop my small, creative business. I had been in a lull, struggling to motivate myself and develop my brand.

She encouraged me to discover the answers for myself by asking some really probing questions, it was amazing what we uncovered in just a few sessions, and the two months we were working together saw the biggest turnover of online sales in my business’ history!

Thank you so much Tanya, it was a pleasure to work with you and I highly recommend your services“.

– Pippa, Independent Business Owner

Who do I work with?

My clients are a wonderfully diverse bunch, I’ve coached lots of independent business owners from solo-preneurs, start-ups and small entrepreneurial businesses, I work with leaders and emerging leaders and I’ve coached many people with creative industries backgrounds. I should confess I have a soft spot for a rebel leader…. I co-founded the coaching collective Positive Change Agents in 2020 as a focus for igniting brave leadership and offering leadership coaching and bespoke workshops grounded in coaching principles to help individuals, teams and organisations work better.

I offer a range of transformational coaching services for individuals and organisations, including one-to-one coaching, walking coaching, zoom coaching and organisational workshops around creating happy, collaborative, innovative, high performing teams. I am very comfortable working with neuro-diverse clients, identifying as neuro-diverse myself.

In my coaching style I try to hold the space lightly, be curious and always trust the client. I like to allow space for a little laughter when coaching and am not offering mentoring or directive coaching approaches. Recently a client in her 60’s who is both a trained coach, highly skilled professional, well respected leader in her field and entrepreneur spontaneously said to me, ‘I have worked with quite a few coaches over the years and you are by far the best I have ever worked with.’ She is very independent, driven, has high standards with good emotional and intellectual ability – which describes a good client match for me and my coaching style.  I am lucky to work with people like her, but it is important to say it always takes two for that transformational magic to happen.

Work with me

We can start things off with a free introductory consultation call. We use this to answer any questions you have, get to know each other a little and check that we are a good fit. I want you to feel confident about what to expect and be happy about proceeding to work with me.

I promise it will not be salesey, I’m not interested in selling you something you don’t want or are not ready for, that is not the start of a great coaching relationship! I’m interested in helping you feel informed, confident and ready to take the next step on your journey.

We can also discuss the packages I offer, time slots that work and my payment options. But if you want some details on those in advance I am transparent in my prices and list them here.

Qualifications & Accreditations

The team at Business Coach Directory manually verifies all qualifications and credentials so you have peace of mind when selecting a coach.

Certified Practitioner – In the Art of Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Diploma in Transformational Coaching

Areas of Expertise
Creative Coaching
Leadership Coaching
Work/Life Balance Coaching
Small Business Coach
Start-Up Business Coaching

Great news, Tanya offers Virtual/Online coaching

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