Top Ten Best Coaching Resources from the Business Coach Directory

coaching resources

With so many resources are available today that support coaches supporting their clients with professional development, it can often feel overwhelming trying to find the best resources and templates to use in your coaching practice. Here at the Business Coach Directory, we have designed and uploaded our resources with the pure intention of supporting business […]

The secret to attracting clients

If you ask a group of business owners what their biggest challenge is, the vast majority of them will tell you: Finding clients and making money. I can certainly relate: this was always my biggest struggle too. I was constantly worried about where my next client was going to come from and wondering ‘what do […]

How do I sell my course?

“Getting sales is so hard!” This is a phrase that I hear again and again from course creators. The struggle is real. But it’s usually because this has happened: 1. They’ve seen others have had huge success online and want a piece of the pie 2. They have then thought up an idea for a […]